I couldn’t sleep so I decided to finish this drawing of Ashlynn Ella (from the show I work on) before tackling colors to a comic book cover.  Enjoy!

On another note, I’ve not forgotten about the “Draw Yourself Meme”, I just have a lot of freelance and day job work to do before I can get to those.

Since we already saw you in EAH style (and we appreciate it a lot!) I think I'd go for other Mattel's franchise - Monster High :) I think that it's edgyness would look cool with your artstyle :)

I tried to think of what my counterpart would be in the MH Universe with Teddybearbones but due to freelance deadlines, I just adapted the style to my EAH look.  Enjoy!

do you have any plans for a project centered around your awesome rubix-cube headed dude? loved your daily february drawings for him! and just love your work in general man! ridiculously enjoyable!

I am still planning on finishing that story once I clear out my freelance responsibilities (1 comic cover and 1 overdue commission)… once those are finished I will be getting back to the conclusion to the Égoïste story.

Then it’s on to my next big project… 

idk if you've already answered this but... what program do you use for digital art and medium for trad. art?


For my digital artwork, it’s all Photoshop and my trusty Cintiq - 100% of the time.  When I do traditional stuff, it’s either a ballpoint pen and some lined paper or comic boards with a .5 or .75 mechanical pencil (usually 2H lead).  Keep in mind that I’ve not cleaned up art like that in a long time (Young Avengers or the Scarlet Witch piece being the last one).

Love your work! What advice would you give to someone trying to learn digital art? I'm a traditional artist having a hard time transitioning.


I wish I could be of more help but my traditional skills are far from being par with my digital skills… Kris / Fabian just posted this up, he is the king of painting so I’m sure he can answer it way better than I ever could.  Sorry!  http://kristaferanka.tumblr.com/post/79362967639/i-am-super-interested-in-trying-out-digital-painting

Hi another fan of your work here, I was wondering if you could kindly tell me how you create warm light, like you did in your short a good wife and also how did you create the purple hues in your variant cover for morning glories ?


Typically when I am wanting to create warmth, I’ll use layer blending modes to help push the warmth. A crude example being a layer of orange, set to Overlay on top of everything.  Another trick I picked up from James Jean is to use Gradient Maps and set them to Soft Light (at 40-60% opacity) - it will help unify everything and pull it together.

It’s hard to explain because my Photoshop methods are quite… messy and a typical cover file ends up being made up of hundreds of nameless layers (and rather large). But really it’s all about experimenting. Sometimes I’ll pull in an image from Google, blur it and see what happens when I run it through the layer mode test.  9 times out of 10 it doesn’t work but there are always some happy accidents.

Hope that helps, and thanks for liking my work :)

I love your art style and Ever After High! How did you figure out what style you wanted? How did you get into the animation/art industry?


Thank you very much!  I am glad you like the show (and my work).  

I got into the animation industry after completing school at Sheridan (for animation)… GURU hired me a year later to be a compositor on their show “Justin Time” Season 2.  From there I helped out on the animation test for EAH and moved over once we got the project… and well, that about brings us to the present where I am still working on EAH as Art Director along with the odd freelance job in my spare time.

In response to the style question, check out the previous post below.  :)

I want to become an animator or an illustrator but I'm having a hard time developing my own art style any advice? ps.love your artwork!

Hey Lokis-Girl…

While I can’t chime in on being an animator (as I can’t really animate to save my life) - I can try my best to answer the “style development” part of your question.

Alright, so here’s the thing - style is a tricky topic for me because I am still very young and still trying to find my “style”.  But the best piece of advice I can give you is to draw from life - draw what you see, interpret what you see and filter.  It’s fine to have influences and inspiration around you but when it actually comes down to drawing, close the books and draw from your mind. 

Another important thing is to always keep your eyes open.  Don’t just look at one artist for everything.  Take aspects you like and bring them together. Ie: How one artist draws hair, how another artist colors, how another artist pushes anatomy, etc.  Look at photography, film, fine art, and listen to music, it can all influence how you visually illustrate your world.

So yeah, my apologies for the long winded answer, I hope it gives you some clarity to your situation.  Just don’t be frustrated if it takes some time to find your style, it will come with time (and continue to evolve). Also, thank you for liking my work. :)


(My influence map from a little while back, named version here.)