W. Scott Forbes

Art Director at GURU Studio
Freelance Illustrator & Comic Artist
Anonymous asks:
Do you sell prints anywhere? Big fan of your stuff and would love to get my hands on some of your awesome work either online or at a con!

Thank you!  If you are going to FanExpo (in Toronto) I should have some prints with me there this year. What ones are you looking for? 

As for a store… I have been debating setting up a proper store for prints but I’m not sure if there would be much of a demand for them.  If there is, I can try and figure something out.

I guess it’s your lucky day, BOOM! Studios released their October solicitations and above is the cover to CLOAKS #2. This particular one is probably tied for my favourite from the mini-series. Anyways, pre-order, read and enjoy!

As an added bonus, I borrowed some of my friends for the other “faces”. Benjamin Anders, Gyimah Gariba, Kristafer Anka, Andre Avillanoza and Cheyenne Curtis to name a few. There may be one another familiar face in there too… 

I want to thank everyone who liked, reblogged and followed my page. I appreciate all the support for both the “Sailor Moon" piece and my work. As a little extra treat, I thought I would post up the original line art along with some close up shots of all the scouts (and not because Lee Ann kept asking me to).

Regarding my brother’s designsI took some artistic liberties trying to add my own flare to things such as: Jupiter’s Y-3 shoes, Venus rocking a Gaga like hairstyle and heeless shoes, a more graphic haircut for Mars, etc.  Another idea we had together was - in order to activate the “visor tiara”, the scout would touch the glowing button on their chest and it would drop down over their eyes. 

If you use them in any way, all I ask is you give credit and link back to my website or blog. Thanks!

I am so relieved that I can finally debut this Sailor Moon piece.  It’s been finished for quite some time now but my twin Benjamin Anders has been holding it ransom. Needless to say he has finally revealed his incredible redesigns of the Sailor Scouts, so please go give him some love! 

Anyways this isn’t the last Sailor Moon piece from me. Get ready for something special…

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Sailor Moon: Modern Guardians

With the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon happening, I decided to redesign the five main Sailor Scouts and give their outfits/uniforms and tailor them to fit each character a little more/be less dated. I replaced their tiaras for high-tech visors that vary slightly for each scout.  

Originally, I was going to wait to post these rough pieces once I finished the actual piece for an upcoming Sailor Moon art show I was doing but my twin brother wscottforbes wanted to post his version of it (I’ll link his once it goes up), so here are mine! A rather weird style for me to draw in… I drew most of these a few months ago. Expect a better piece to be posted later in the month/August.

God my brother is talented… like, reblog, follow him!  And I’ll be posting mine shortly… get ready folks!

Finally got around to updating the design/functionality of my website.  With that I spent some time cleaning up/deleting old artwork along with adding up some stuff that wasn’t there before.  Check it out here if you’d like.  

Hey, I really loved your Apple White drawing! You never made her so much beautiful in my eyes! Thanks! BTW, if you do take requests, can you draw her again, but this time, can you have Daring Charming from "Ever After High" wrap his arms around her from behind as they both stare at each other with such desperate passion? It's okay if you don't want to, but it would be awesome! ^_^

Thank you so much, I am glad you like how she turned out!  But I am sorry to say that I don’t usually take art requests as my plate is usually insanely full.  

These Ever After High “portraits” are more just a representation of how I would personally handle the characters in my own style, done usually as a warm up/down drawings when I am needing a break from my other projects.  I will keep it in the back of my mind for the future though; perhaps I’ll do something special for my 1000th follower?  

I am currently working on a special piece for a pretty awesome voice over actress featuring 2 characters from the show (that may be a hint as to who) - so once it’s all done and I’m able to post it, it will be here.